Boris Johnson in Lightning GTDelta E-4 Coupe Westfield Sport-E
Damon Hill in the Nemesis


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The EEMS Accelerate Project aims to help realise the potential of electric performance vehicles.  With support from the Government, the project brings together cutting edge, British designed and engineered, electric vehicles and puts them at the hands of driving enthusiasts for 12 months.  These driving enthusiasts will use the vehicles for commuting and leisure purposes, enabling testing, demonstrating and further performance enhancement.
Furthermore, this project is about changing perceptions and attitudes towards electric vehicles, providing not only a platform to prove their performance, but to showcase sustainable technologies, high end British engineering, and motivate others to get involved.


…performance without compromise



Four British Electric Vehicle Makers Present Findings after Completing More Than 2800 Journeys in 12 Months of Road Trials

EEMS Accelerate, revealed the first key findings from its 12 months of road trials at an event in London yesterday (3 May, 2012) where actor, writer, TV presenter and electric vehicle (EV) enthusiast...
4 May 2012

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