EEMS Accelerate is a consortium of organisations including AEA, Delta Motorsport, Ecotricity, Lightning Car Company, Westfield Sports Cars and Green Motion. The consortium is one of eight that have been chosen for part-funding by the government’s Technology Strategy Board under their Ultra Low Carbon Vehicle Demonstrator Competition.

The ‘EEMS Accelerate’ project will put 14 cutting-edge, high performance electric cars on the road for 12 months. By monitoring every aspect of their performance over a variety of driving cycles, the project results are expected to provide a major boost to the widespread adoption of these exciting and aspirational vehicles. Accelerate aims to achieve:

•    High performance, low emissions
EEMS Accelerate will showcase the vehicles over a wide range of dynamic driving conditions, giving unparalleled opportunities to develop cutting edge electric vehicle technology.

•    Challenging perceptions, changing attitudes
EEMS Accelerate will support a programme of demonstration, testing and performance enhancement while simultaneously showcasing UK engineering and design expertise.  The electric sports cars will be placed with driving enthusiasts where they will be used for commuting and leisure purposes, including closed-circuit driving.

•    Bringing about change
EEMS Accelerate aims to motivate SMEs in the UK’s high-end automotive engineering sector to pursue further research and development for electric vehicles and other energy efficient technologies.  Wider communications and promotion of the performance of these vehicles through driver recruitment and performance testing will increase awareness amongst the general public.

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“If the UK is to be at the forefront of the low carbon automotive technology then we need to invest and test new innovative products to ensure that the next generation of green vehicles is not just as good as the vehicles we currently use but actually better.”

Robert Bell
AEA, Chief Technical Officer

 Robert Bell