The EEMS Accelerate project brings together a consortium of specialist UK organisations to develop and demonstrate high performance electric cars. This project is innovative both in the consortium structure and the individual technologies it supports. It provides a unique opportunity for a range of SMEs in the sector to engage in extended real world testing of their vehicles in a way usually restricted to larger manufacturing. In addition, it will for the first time facilitate a sharing of more general data across all of the manufacturers in the consortium, providing benchmarking of common performance factors across an emerging market sector. The consortium consists of: Delta Motorsport, Ecotricity, Green Motion, Lightning car, Westfield Sportscars and Ricardo-AEA.


Delta Motorsport

Delta Motorsport is an automotive and motorsport engineering consultancy that brings together innovative design, creative production solutions and skilled project management. Formed in 2005 by Managing Director Simon Dowson and Technical Director Nick Carpenter, Delta Motorsport has established itself as one of the leading consultancies in its field. The Directors who previously worked together in the late nineties as leading figures at motorsport manufacturer Reynard Motorsport have a wealth of experience in high performance engineering and project delivery. Leading a committed team of design and production engineers, Delta Motorsport can take a project from concept, through design, prototype and development to a finished product.

Delta Motorsport has a background deeply rooted in high performance engineering and it is this depth of knowledge and experience that sets the company apart from so many other engineering consultancies. The design engineering skills honed in the ultracompetitive motorsport industry are transferred to other areas where innovative solutions are critical to performance, efficiency and optimisation.

Delta offers consultancy services that range from single component design and development, through to complete product programmes. Delta offers a multi-disciplined skill set that encompasses full vehicle design, styling design, component/systems design, mechanical and electronic systems development programmes, aerodynamic consultancy, vehicle build and full project management.

The foundation of the E-4 Coupe is an ultra low energy vehicle that uses a light weight structure, low-drag aerodynamics and an ultra-efficient drive train to improve performance and range. It’s a stylish, high performance, battery electric vehicle that is capable of over 200 miles on a single charge, seats four adults and has a top speed of 150 mph.

The sleek low-line shape of the E-4 Coupe is unlike any other electric car. With a 0 to 60 mph of less than 5 seconds, the acceleration is comparable to a Porsche 911 Turbo. The E-4 is available in 2 or 4 wheel drive and is charged using a conventional 13A plug. Two ‘gull wing’ doors provide occupant access and there’s a tailgate for rear storage access.