The EEMS Accelerate project brings together a consortium of specialist UK organisations to develop and demonstrate high performance electric cars. This project is innovative both in the consortium structure and the individual technologies it supports. It provides a unique opportunity for a range of SMEs in the sector to engage in extended real world testing of their vehicles in a way usually restricted to larger manufacturing. In addition, it will for the first time facilitate a sharing of more general data across all of the manufacturers in the consortium, providing benchmarking of common performance factors across an emerging market sector. The consortium consists of: Delta Motorsport, Ecotricity, Green Motion, Lightning car, Westfield Sportscars and Ricardo-AEA.


Ecotricity cars

Ecotricity is a power company with a difference, dedicated to changing the way that the country’s energy needs are produced.  We take the money our customers spend on electricity and gas and invest it in clean forms of power, like wind and solar energy, and renewable gas, spending more per customer than all the other power companies put together.

Today, we can all choose who supplies our energy and therefore how it’s made.  We have the choice of clean energy to supply our homes.  The evolution of electric vehicles means that we are well on the way to having a low carbon option for our road vehicles too.  To help kickstart that journey, in July 2011 Ecotricity launched the world’s first national motorway charging network for electric vehicles.

What Ecotricity’s MD and founder Dale Vince set out to prove was that electric cars need not be boring but can be fast, exciting – and safe.  The challenge was to build a car that can turn heads and minds as we head inevitably towards a post-oil, low carbon world .

The Nemesis is faster out of the blocks than a V12 Ferrari and achieves 0 to 60 in 4 seconds and a top speed in excess of 135 mph with no burning rubber whatsoever. Its 96 lithium ion batteries are charged using electricity that has been generated by Ecotricity’s own wind turbines, hence the Nemesis has been dubbed the world’s first wind-powered car. 

Designed and built by a team with F1 experience, the Nemesis began its life as a Lotus Exige. The team lengthened the chassis, installed two brushless motors, a completely new transmission and a good deal of electronic wizardry. The car’s centre of gravity has been lowered and shifted forward and, because the motors have only one moving part apiece and do not need cooling, the Lotus air ducts and bumps have been dispensed with.