EV race series launched

13 January 2011

Today 'EV Cup' announced the launch of three new racing series for electric vehicles, including Westfield's i-Racer.

The i-Racer is in most respects a track-specific version of the Westfield car that will be part of the EEMS Accelerate EV trial. Having these closely related vehicles undergoing extensive demonstration on the road at the same time as testing them in the heat of competition will provide a hugely accelerated development opportunity for Westfield, both technically and as a brand.

The seven-race green motorsport series, the EV Cup, will include two principle classes of zero emission electric cars - the City EV cars, where drivers will compete in carbon-free, race-prepared urban THINK cars, and the Sports EV class, which will feature teams racing  185 KPH Westfield iRacers.  A third category, the Prototype EV class, will not feature races, but rather base its results on time trials that showcase the latest non-production electric vehicles on circuits through street and race courses.

Planned races in the EV Cup are being staged in the UK, Portugal, Spain, and the United States, with  a city street race also expected to take place in the near future .  Several tracks and dates in the UK have already been confirmed, including Silverstone - 6 August, Snetterton - 20 August, Rockingham - 10 September, and Brands Hatch - 23 October.  Race day will include qualifying rounds and all car batteries will be recharged at on-site facilities.  Each sprint race will be contested over 20 to 30 minutes of competitive laps.

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