Intelligent Transport, but what about the car?

The car remains the predominant mode of transport in the UK with public transport unable to challenge it in terms of convenience. Finding technological solutions is therefore crucial to reduce vehicle emissions and energy usage, tackle congestion and improve safety.

The Independent Transport Commission is holding a seminar in order to showcase and disseminate the latest technologies in relation to the future of the car.

The aims to provide a platform to showcase the future for transport technology, focusing on the car and the role technology can play in the areas of fuel efficiency, congestion management and improving safety. It will focus on how future innovative technology can help reduce costs, improve environmental performance by reducing energy use and pollutants, and enhance quality of life.

The seminar will bring industry experts and technology consultants together with those involved in developing policy, to discuss the future opportunities for road transport.

Speakers include:

• Simon Linnett, Chairman, Independent Transport Commission and Vice-Chairman N.M.Rothschild
• Greg Archer, Managing Director, Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership
• Graham Cooley, CEO ITM Power
• Jonathan Burr, Chief Operations Officer ITIS Holdings
• Professor Peter Husar, Fraunhofer Institute for Digital Media Technology
• Derek Turner, Director, Network Operations Highways Agency

Chaired by: Steven Norris, Board Member, Transport for London and Director ITIS Holdings.