The EEMS Accelerate project brings together a consortium of specialist UK organisations to develop and demonstrate high performance electric cars. This project is innovative both in the consortium structure and the individual technologies it supports. It provides a unique opportunity for a range of SMEs in the sector to engage in extended real world testing of their vehicles in a way usually restricted to larger manufacturing. In addition, it will for the first time facilitate a sharing of more general data across all of the manufacturers in the consortium, providing benchmarking of common performance factors across an emerging market sector. The consortium consists of: Delta Motorsport, Ecotricity, Green Motion, Lightning car, Westfield Sportscars and Ricardo-AEA.


Lightning Car company

The Lightning Gt is produced by The Lightning Car Company , a proven engineering team of automotive experts in many disciplines; car creation, design, build and advanced technology integration.
Developed in Britain, with low volume production planned for Coventry in Autmun 2012, the Lightning gives supercar drivers what they seek in such a car; high performance, looks and style.
The Lightning features a smooth 300kw twin motor powertrain for instant surge and seamless acceleration. Batteries are Lithium titanate for longer life and very fast re-charging.
The Lightning Gt will be built with an aluminium chassis and superform aluminium bodywork.  Lightning Gt's  are available from late 2012 in an exclusive variety of colours and specifications.'

Lightning in motion