Low Carbon Living - BEAMA conference 2011


Low Carbon Living points us towards a dramatic change in the way we consume and purchase energy and services. The UK Government has already paved the way for price driven policies to stimulate low carbon generation and the energy network operators are undertaking projects to pilot the smart grid connected to electrical building services.

In the next few years, products will become obsolete, and some of today’s marginal technologies will be the big winners in a world where the customer is dynamically linked to the energy network.

Key decisions are being made now on the protocols and schemes to transform the market and energy suppliers are wrestling with the concept of true energy service provision. Very soon, years of discussion about the truly competitive and modern energy market will become a reality.

The impact on equipment manufacturers, distributors, contractors and specifiers will be immense, as will the shock for those who are not aware of the changes just around the corner. Are we developing products that will be obsolete next year? Are we confident our supply chain can embrace new technology and energy revolution? What does the energy service drive mean for distributors and customers?

Those responsible for product or market strategy for manufacturers, their customers, energy suppliers or specifiers should attend this conference to learn about the changes ahead & how to ensure their organisation is ready to grasp the opportunities.

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