A national event to showcase the latest developments in the low carbon vehicle sector. Organised by Cenex in partnership with the Technology Strategy Board, BIS and DfT, LCV 2009 is the biggest, free of charge, conference/ride & drive/exhibition of its kind, attracting international visitors, politicians, vehicle manufacturers, technologists and early adopters alike.

The event took place on 9-10 September at Millbrook, Bedfordshire.  Open to industry professionals but not the general public and gave visitors an informed and complete picture of the current debates around alternatives to fossil fuels - be they technology, policy, infrastructure or economically driven.

Highlights of the 2009 show include:

The chance to engage with the teams behind some of the latest developments in low carbon vehicles - several 'under development' cars from global OEMs will be on show at LCV 2009

The CV market - LCV 2009 will enable the media to see some of the latest offerings from the electric and hybrid commercial vehicles sector

On track: One of the major attractions of LCV is the option to test drive electric and other low carbon vehicles on the demanding and diverse Millbrook test track (test drives to be arranged directly with exhibitors)

Purpose of the event was to:

  • Showcase UK regional and A2B technology capacity and to promote closer collaboration and B2B activity
  • Promote the active participation of the industry in the Low Carbon Vehicle Innovation Platform
  • Physically demonstrate emerging LCV technology through hands-on driving experience of low carbon vehicles
  • Build fleet operator awareness and confidence in accessible or near-market products to support future procurement
  • Help position the UK LCV industry to achieve best economic advantage
  • Raise awareness of funding initiatives and opportunities


Day 1

Sessions includes:
The Auto Industry
Chaired by Graham Smith, Senior VP, Toyota Europe
Social Change
Chaired by Julia King
Question Time
Chaired by - Brian Collins, Chief Scientific Advisor for DfT/BIS

Day 2

Sessions includes:
Business Models
Chaired by David Clarke, CEO ETI
City and Power
Chaired by Brendan Connor, Chairman CENEX
Question Time
Chaired by Paul Everitt, CEO SMMT

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