The EEMS Accelerate video page as a wealth of videos related to the project and the vehicles invloved. Take a look at the videos and find out more about the project, the vehicles and the manufacturers involved.

Latest Video

Translogic 90

Drive the Lightning GT (3rd February 2012)

EEMS Accelerate Video

Video Archive

Interview with Fiona Twisse

At the Regent Motorshow about the EEMS Accelerate project and the vehicles involved (5th November 2011)

Delta E-4 Coupe and Kevin McCloud

Kevin McCloud, presenter of Grand Designs test drives Delta in preparation for RAC Future Car Challenge 2011 (28th October 2011)

The Lightning GT testing

At Goodwood (2nd June 2011)

Greenwise TV interview with Delta Motorsport

Interview with Nick Carpenter (19th May 2011)

Robert Llewellyn, Fully Charged - Delta E-4 Coupe

Robert drives the Delta E-4 Coupe (16th May 2011)

Delta Motorsports E-4 Sportscar video (9th May 2011)

The Lightning GT

Lightning Car Company at CleanEquity Monaco 2011 - Emerging Cleantech Conference (6th April 2011)

Robert Llewellyn, Fully Charged - The Nemesis

Robert drives the Nemesis (30th October 2010)

The Nemesis

Interview with Jim, head of engineering at Ecotricity (17th September 2010)

The Nemesis

First track day at Bruntingthorpe (1st September 2010)

The Nemesis

On the road and ready to go (25th August 2009)

The Nemesis

The first test drive(24th June 2009)

Interview with Chris Dell, The Lightning Car Company

Lightning GT launched at the Geneva Auto Show 2009 (8th April 2009)

The Nemesis

In the making (19th December 2008)

The Lightning GT

The first drive... (22nd July 2008)